Pashto 1 offers viewers a thrilling ride with an exciting slate of programs designed to exhilarate and help viewers escape the humdrum of daily routine. Pashto 1 aim is to present its philosophy in a modernistic style and its targeted audience is youth. Its mission is to promote Pashto melodies and culture according to current industry’s requirement.

Pashto 1 has brilliant team of hosts and anchors with charming, real and debonair personalities. They are very enthusiastic with an infectious amount of energy. Pashto 1 provides quality value-oriented programming that aims to capture the taste, the heart and the mind of the elite class. Pashto 1 offers not just to serve, entertain and inform the people but most of all to bring hue, zest and inspiration to their everyday lives.

Pashto 1 utilizes the latest and most advanced equipment for optimum reliability, efficiency and performance. Pashto 1 offers viewer a different taste of television.

Pashto 1’s programming bouquet is proving that we are offering the programs which the Pashtuns were eagerly awaiting for. Pashto 1 delivers first run musical shows with the purpose of entertainment as well as hunting the talent. Graphics presentation of Sharang Pashto 1 can be labeled as exuberantly colorful and these vibrant colors rejuvenate and revitalize viewers.

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